Rammstein Headbanging Riffs, Play On Guitar with Tabs

Video link: 19 Head-banging Rammstein Riffs on Guitar with Tabs

The German band Rammstein, whose controversies made the group popular, is famously known for their Neue Deutsche Härte or New German Hardness style. Performances are often adorned and rocked by on-stage fire stunts. They even wrote an album with relation to sado-masochism which ultimately got banned from appearing in public displays by the German government. Ironically, some retail stores like Pressezentrum in Luebeck became all the more confident that the album would sell more than before. People love these controversies and the darkness in Rammstein’s music. It is no doubt that Rammstein is loved and adored by many. 

Here are the songs you can learn from the above video link. I will only be elaborating on a few songs, but all these songs are great. It’s about time to learn them and feel them through your electric guitar.

*Album: Herzeleid (english: Heartache)

  1. wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen? (english: Do you want to see the bed in flames?)
  2. Der meister (english: The Master)
  3. Du riechst so gut (english: You smell so good)
    *Album: Sehnsucht (english: Longing)
  4. Engel (english: Angel)
  5. Tier (english: Animal)
  6. Bestrafe Mich (english: Punish me) <- It’s quite obvious that this is sado-masochism, the guitar rendition in the video above showcases a more majestic yet formidable sound through the use of multiple long notes like the semibreves and dotted minims.
  7. Eifersucht (english: Envy)
  8. Bück Dich (english: Bend over) <- The quaver beats and silent notes in this guitar rendition in the video above gives it a hasty feeling, similar to the urge a man feels in the bedroom. There was once when Till Lindemann (singer) and Flake Lorenz (keyboardist) got arrested for performing the lewd act (though fully-clothed) while performing this song live. 
  9. Alter Mann (english: Old man)
  10. Küss Mich (Fellfrosch) (english: Kiss me Fur frog)
    *Album: Mutter (english: Mother)
  11. Sonne (english: Sun)
  12. Ich will (english: I want)
  13. Feuer Frei! (english: Fire at will!) <- The blast of semiquavers on the electric guitar here sounds extremely like that of the gun firing. Stop playing those first-person shooter games and start playing this cool music on your guitar!
  14. Rein Raus (english: In out) <- Well, they may have been implying something there. In the guitar rendition above, this part is played with quavers and silence notes, which sort of simulates the sounds or feelings of marching or doing something bad-ass. 
  15. Zwitter (english: Hermaphrodite) -> A Hermaphrodite is an organism with both male and female gonads. Can you see where this is going? 
  16. Adios (english: Goodbye) -> Considering how upbeat this song is, the ‘goodbye’ is most likely something dark, something to do with death. Play it on the guitar to feel it.
    *Album: Liebe ist für alle da (english: Love for everyone)
  17. Ich Tu Dir Weh (english: I hurt you) <- Sado-masochism, but guitar part is great!
  18. Waidmanns Heil (english: Huntman’s salute)
  19. Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (english: Love is for everyone)

My love for guitar to all of you readers is indeed through this video rendition of Rammstein’s 19 head-banging guitar riffs with tabs for you to learn, head-bang and rock together. Check the video out now!